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Real-Time Strategy Horror

RTS action
Squad based controls, multiple possibilities according to the way you build your team, soldiers are good killers, engineers can establish defense perimeter by building turrets, barricades or using special key points from the environment to build traps and medics can keep your team alive on a long run

TBS management
During this stage, you choose which location you want to send your squad to search for supplies and information, you choose how you want to equip your survivors and what skills you want them to get stronger at, you choose your route and you decide the best course of action for the random events that will present before you.

This is not your classical zombie outbreak, no, this story is much darker inspired by Lovecraft works, an ancient evil has returned from below the earth bringing with him creatures of nightmare, abominations of unspeakable terror and if that was not enough, the dead humans are brought back to life as animated flesh to fight alongside this evil.

Main Quest
You are part of what remains of army forces, your brother, the one who took care of you when your parents died was also part of the army and went missing during a mission a few miles from where you are stationed with the objective to gather information about these underground holes from were these creatures are coming from. You decide to embark on one last journey of redemption to see your brother one more time.

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Updated 27 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authors16bitnights, dovganovskiy
GenreStrategy, Survival
Tagschromosome-evil, Horror, Pixel Art, Strategy RPG, Survival Horror, Tactical, Tactical RPG, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
LinksSteam, Community, Blog


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Here is the Gameplay Walkthrough for the first introduction of your game! This can turn into an addictive game, have to say that you do take damage fast and so much is taken from your health! More feedback should be easy to get from the video here:


Thank you!


Here is my playthrough

I hope you enjoyed it


Pixels? Check. Zombies? Check? Sufficient ammo? Double-check!


This really strikes a chord with me, looks like the old X-Com from days past, cant wait to play it :D


I am waiting for this full release for some time. Hope is gonna be soon :D


This is actually one of the few games that I'm very excited about!


Really impatient to try it :D